Hop Lola Hop Teaching Notes Activities Pack

Lola and Ella
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Activities include word searches, mazes, colouring sheets as well as suggestions for Hop Lola Hop related classroom activities.
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Hop Lola Hop is a delightful tale about a much-loved toy bunny who likes to go on fun adventures. Sometimes the bunny gets lost. Most children have a comforting toy so this story has universal appeal. Key themes of imagination, friendship and comfort run throughout the book. There are secret bunnies to spot and find throughout the book, too.


Read the book together, asking questions throughout.

  1. Look at the cover of the book together. What do you think the story might be about?

  2. Ask the children if they have a special toy/cuddly animal/doll that they adore. How does it make them feel?

  3. When the little girl, Ella, loses her toy bunny, Lola, how do you think she feels?

  4. What does Ella do to try and find her toy bunny? Why do you think she is so

    determined and persistent to find Lola? How would you feel if you lost your special toy?

  5. Do you think your special toy goes on adventures?

  6. How does Ella feel when she finds Lola? Ella has been on a roller coaster of emotions.

    Can you remember a time when you have felt lots of different emotions?

  7. What did the children think of the book? If they liked it, why did they like it? What was their favourite part?