About Hop Lola Hop

Who’s Lola …

Did you know the story of Lola is based on real events? Yes, there really is a toy bunny named Lola and she lives with us.

Lola used to come with us everywhere - out on walks, on trips to the supermarket,

holidays and once or twice she managed to sneak into the nursery bag too.

Then – sometimes – she’d go missing.

I am sure many parents will have faced the lost toy dilemma, and we’ve all found ways to handle it.

Ours was this: Whilst an active search ensued for real Lola (without any indication what the outcome may be), I would tell my daughter what amazing adventures her little bunny might be on right now.

There’s much to be said about the bond between a child and their favourite stuffy toy, and I like to think the stories made our girl feel a little less upset.

Lola looks a bit tatty these days and doesn’t hop away as much anymore. She’s had a few makeovers too– the nose needed restitching once, the fabric on her paws and ears have also been replaced and a black mark across her face reminds of a previous run in with a permanent marker.

But that’s ok, because in our family there’s only ever been ONE Lola – and she continues to hold a very special place in my daughter’s heart.

With Hop Lola Hop, our toy bunny’s adventures take on a life of their own. Lola still is a stuffy toy, but she’s alive, curious, fun loving and caring - AND she shares a very special bond with her human friend Ella.

We’re so excited to finally share Lola’s story with you.


And How about Ella?

‘Even though Lola was a bunny and Ella was a little girl, Lola found that she and Ella got on perfectly well ... ‘ (Hop Lola Hop)

Hop Lola Hop Ella

 Unlike Lola, Ella isn’t based on a single person. Instead her character has been inspired by all those adventurous, wildly imaginative and passionate little girls and boys I have come to know over the years.

There are many MANY Ella’s in this world and they come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes (but not always) with red piggy tails.

They are so much fun and any toy bunny would love to be their friend.

Hop Lola Hop is Lola’s story, but Ella is very much a central character. She cares deeply for her beloved toy bunny and fully deserves her place in this book.

There’s a letter Ella has written for you, which can be found right at the beginning of the book. Did you like it?