Author Visits

School & Nursery Visits

In-person Visits

Kathy offers visits to nurseries and pre schools schools as well as creative writing workshops for primary school classes.

Her visits are fun and interactive and will help stimulate students imagination and develop their creative writing skills and confidence in becoming authors themselves.

Activities have been designed in consultation with early years teachers and Little Steps Publishing.

Kathy likes working closely with schools to tailor any visits and book-related activities to their needs, age groups and units of enquiry.

For more information, please contact Kathy via email:

Bookings are now managed by Authors Abroad:



  • Introduction on how I became an author
  • Presentation tied in with a Q&A

  • Storytime (for older year groups I extend the presentation and use excerpts from my book as reference)

  • Introduction to creative group activity which are to be completed in individual classroom units (to be agreed with year group reps)

  • Book Sale & Signing (Optional)


In Class Visits - Nursery and Pre-School Classes

(up to 1 Hr per class)

  • Storytime

  • Q&A and meet the characters session

  • a range of printable templates and storytelling activities to accompany any sessions

  • Book sale and signing (optional)


In Class Visits - Primary School Years Groups Y2 and up (up to 2 Hrs per session)

  • Storytime
  • Q&A followed by presentation about the making of a picture book
  • A range of printable storytelling templates & resources which can easily be completed within a lesson block
  • Book sale and signing (optional)


Writing Workshops



Kathy offers storywriting workshops as part of extended in class visit or in combination with a general assembly. Kathy will consult prior to her visit with teachers and year group representatives to determine the most suitable writing activity.


Worksheet templates will be shared. The below features a number of activities that Kathy currently offers.



Suitable for Y1 & Y2

  • Character creation crafts through the use of different materials
  • Creating a Mini Picture Book telling a toy story through the use of pictures and simple vocabulary (ideal for year groups who are not yet confident enough to write full sentences)
  • Letter Writing: Hop Lola Hop features a letter written by one of the characters at the beginning of the book. Students are asked to write a letter to a person of their choosing, telling them about their favourite toy.

Suitable for Y2 and up

  • Write a toy adventure: Using story mountain and book templates, the class will map out an original story, before moving on to write and illustrate a picture book either in small groups or individually. Peer Review will be encouraged.
  • Character Formation Exercise: Students are encouraged to develop a main character for their toy adventure. I will extend my presentation, explaining in more detail how to create an interesting fictional character. Peer review encouraged.
  • Set writing task: Write the end to Hop Lola Hop. In the story, Lola, a young toy bunny hops away to embark on an unexpected adventure: If you were Lola, what adventure would you go on? This task can be tied in with a presentation for older year groups.

Activities vary in length and students are not expected to complete the exercise during the workshop. The idea is to kickstart and encourage their creative writing.

For safety reasons and to comply with school policies, we ask for at least one member of teaching staff (teacher and/or assistant) to remain in the classroom throughout each session.

Book Sales & Author Signings

We can discuss book sales and orders ahead of my visit.

I am more than happy to sign books on request.

I encourage schools and parents to purchase my books directly from local booksellers or online. A list of local bookshops can be provided.

I am also able to accommodate orders directly to your school. 

Room Requirements

Assemblies: My sessions rely on access to my powerpoint presentations. I will require a projector and screen and an adaptor to plug in my laptop 

Classroom sessions: I can work with an interactive whiteboard but access to traditional whiteboards or a flipchart to write/draw on are also very helpful . 


Fees & Announcement 


When you book a visit, I can provide your school with a printable poster to display as well as bookmarks for teachers to send home to parents prior to my visit.

It really helps to create excitement among the school community by promoting my visit, which will translate into an experience enjoyed by everyone.

For more information on bookings and fees and do discuss your requirements, please reach out to myself or Author Abroad:



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